Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Murray 1695885 Snow Blower: Should You Buy this?

You've got to wonder sometimes what goes through the minds of marketing people when they name merchandises. It would be difficult to get one with less zing in relation to the Murray 1695885. Fortunately, this gas-powered snow blower has a lot of zing where it counts: function!

The Murray 1695885 blower is single-stage. Big gas models are occasionally double stage, meaning that the auger scoops and another element helps in moving snow through the unit. However, you pay for that extra feature and experience with this particular model shows it really is not essential. This snow blower pushes snow plenty far without it.

205cc 4-cycle OHV Briggs and Stratton 800 Engine

"Wide, strong, and strong" would best sum up this gas-powered snow thrower.

The 1695885 houses a 22-inch wide scoop and auger system that can clear the broadest driveways in a few swaths. It's possible to clear the typical sidewalk in a single pass.

Not merely wide, but deep snow as well succumbs with ease. The double 10-inch auger blades can handle high drifts with no problem. The intake height is over a foot high (12.6 inches), so that it can handle berms higher than the blades.

And, because there's a 205cc Briggs and Stratton 800 engine on board, it will not slow down in the process. Regardless of what sort of snow you encounter - from the driest fluff to the hardest ice to the slushiest mess - this, 4-cycle OHV (Overhead Valve) power station will keep going at top rate.

Electric, Push Button Starter

You will not find yourself having any trouble beginning it, though, even in the coldest weather. This unit features a 120V electrical, push-button starter that operates even in subzero temperatures. The unit has a cord to plug right into a normal outlet, which is subsequently disconnected to plow. So, there's no battery that may go dead to bother about.

If any rare illness should require that you start it manually you will not dislocate a shoulder carrying it out.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

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